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Mediation is a cost-effective method for resolving your matrimonial issues designed to avoid litigation. I will provide you with insight as to how your case would proceed in court based upon my experience as a matrimonial attorney and litigator. Often, a mediator will refer your matter to an attorney to prepare your divorce agreement and other legal documents as they do not have the experience to fully resolve your matter.

I provide a full range of mediation services from the initial consultation, to explaining the various components of an enforceable agreement, and all of the terms to be agreed upon between the parties. I have many years of negotiation and drafting experience that can assist you in the full resolution of your matter, without the need for litigation or any court appearances.

I a family law attorney who is fully versed in all types of custody and parenting issues; child support; spousal maintenance; equitable distribution of substantial assets, including real estate, businesses, retirement accounts, pensions and other investments. You do not need to go to court or hire lawyers in an adversarial manner if you and your spouse are still communicating and willing to negotiate in a collaborative environment.

Your mediation will progress towards a specific resolution based upon the unique facts of your case and situation. The timeframe is set by you, rather than the court. The setting is informal, and the discussions are intended to be constructive and goal-oriented. I have helped many divorcing couples throughout Garden City reach a mutually beneficial agreement through mediation at a reasonable cost.

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