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Orders of Protection

An order of protection is a valuable tool in the fight against domestic violence and abuse. You do not need to be married to obtain an order of protection. It is important to have legal representation from the very outset to ensure that your petition for an order of protection will be granted by the court.

In the alternative, those who are the victim of false allegations of domestic violence and must defend themselves in court are well-advised to consult with an attorney in advance of any court appearances to protect their rights and interests. You do not want to be included in a domestic violence registry, which may adversely impact your employment or custody interest for many years based upon false allegations.

The court can grant an order of protection, which may direct respondent:

  • Not to assault, menace, or harass you or commit crimes of reckless endangerment or disorderly conduct toward you;

  • To be removed by the police from where you are living;

  • To stay away from you, your residence, your job and other places you may want;

  • Not to telephone or email you or write you letters.

The court can also protect your children in the order of protection. For example, the court can direct that visitation with the children be supervised.

The potential penalty for a violation of an order of protection is incarceration (jail).

It is always wise to have an attorney represent you in connection to any family offense proceeding to obtain the best possible outcome. I have litigated many such cases to a positive outcome for Garden City residents.

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