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Fathers have rights and with him and he will protect them. Krista C.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your stellar work and support in this case. Michael M.
Thank you so much for your attentive representation!  Susan G.
I would like to thank you for all your support and services during this process, it is much appreciated. Matt B.
I highly recommend Philip Kusnetz. He is professional, honest, and caring. He understands the law and is not afraid to take risks. He puts his client's needs first, and he is compassionate, knowledgeable, and good listener. When 2 other attorneys told me I would "lose my case" and it was "impossible," Phil simply said, "When's your next court date?" "Next week," was my reply, and "I'll be ready to win" was his. And win we did. It was long, hard 15 month battle, and sometimes I wanted to give up. But Phil stood by me. Although all odds were against me, as the father, an immigrant, and with a minor conviction (for something I did not do), I won my child custody case with full parental rights to my child. There is no better attorney out there. Family Law Client
Mr. Kusnetz is the only where I would trust not only does he fight for you from the minute you sign with him he keeps you involved in every step of the case. I have never had to hire a lawyer prior to this incident and Mr. Kusnetz walked me through every step. I would recommend him to any person who needs lawyer that will take their best interest to heart Liz
Mr. Kusnetz has been professional, knowledgeable and ethical in all aspects of representation. I feel that the quality of service and value I received was second to none. He provided excellent all around service. He truly took the time to keep me informed of new developments in my case and I highly recommend him and his firm for your legal needs. Mark S.
Philip Kusnetz helped me out on a case which ended up in my favor. He is a true professional and not only knows what he's doing. He is also very good at explaining the process to you step by step so you’re never out of the loop. Jon A